5 Common Physical Signs of Anxiety Disorder

physical signs of anxiety

Anxiety disorder is a well-known psychological problem that makes a person worry excessively in certain situations, there are many types of anxiety disorder seen in people, then there are the signs and symptoms of it. Besides internal or mental signs (such as nervousness, restlessness, panic, fear, etc) anxiety disorder also show a number of physical signs. Here in this article we will explain some of the physical signs of anxiety disorder, read below to know more.

Increased heartbeat

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Rapidly increased heartbeat is a very common symptom for people with anxiety disorder and other types of anxiety as well, it is even noticeable during anxiety attack/panic attack. It usually happens when the person is faced with an anxious or sudden situation, when they are worried about something, feeling afraid, or fearing any situation that they did not prepare for. Along with increased heartbeat, the person can also feel their heart pounding against their chest which causes discomfort.

Excessive sweating

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A study in The UK National Health Services found sweating as a common symptom for general anxiety disorder, it is a normal response of the body in anxious situations. During anxiety attacks or any regular anxious situations, the sweat gland activity is altered which as a consequence results in excessive or abnormal sweat production; the person can also feel too hot or cold, it is also noticeable in cases of social anxiety.

Difficulty Breathing

Another very common symptom among people who are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder is having problems while breathing, some people even feel a lump in their throat or chest that stops them to breathe properly or swallowing food. Scientific studies about respiratory medicine confirm the relatedness of a person’s psychological state and respiratory system, this proves the shortness of breath/ difficulty in breathing as a physical sign of anxiety.

Having trouble sleeping

Insomnia and other sleeping disorders are one of the most disturbing effects in people who suffer from anxiety. It is related to a person’s psychological and emotional concerns when they have difficulty sleeping. Many people experience too much worry and fear that disturbs peaceful sleep, some people even face waking up frequently with anxious feelings and rapid heartbeat.

Chest pain

People who suffer from a severe anxiety disorder or panic attacks experience strong chest pain that almost makes them feel confused with a heart attack, most of the time it is caused by muscle tension. People who experienced anxiety attacks or panic attacks have stated that it makes them feel like there is something heavy on their chest, some even feel strong contractions in their chest, tingling sensations, sharp pain in the middle, etc; however, it doesn’t cause further complications.


Some other physical signs of anxiety disorder that are also quite common include- palpitations, shaking or trembling, weakness, difficulty focusing, digestive problems like constipation or diarrhea, obsessive-compulsive disorder, a sensation of choking, nausea, dizziness, feeling hot or cold, tingling sensations, decreased hearing, fear of going crazy, fear of dying, etc.

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