Anxiety And Causes Of Anxiety

causes of anxiety

What is the reaction of everyday worry, excessive pressure? The answer is a common term which is anxiety. The term anxiety means your body’s natural response to stress. It can vary from normal to adverse. The attacks of anxiety generally peak in 10 minutes and can even last long for 30 minutes. There are many causes of anxiety such as a death in a family, the first day at the office, any job interview, and many more.

Anxiety occurs when we fear or apprehend what’s next. Today in this hustle and bustle, it is very obvious to have anxiety attacks. Even a small thing can become the causes of anxiety today. Some kinds of anxiety are pretty normal and are bearable too. Anxiety about moving to a new place, giving a test is unpleasant anxiety, but it can help you do hard work.

Anxiety disorder is the feeling of fear, and it can revolve around you every time, making it difficult for you to survive. Enjoying life with lots of anxiety is a great difficulty.

Here we have covered some of the causes of anxiety.

Causes Of Anxiety

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Even today, when we have developed so much in the health sector, researchers found it difficult to know the exact cause of anxiety. Sometimes a cause can lead to anxiety for one person but not for another person.

Some common causes include:

Medical factors such as any surgery, effects of medications you are consuming, symptoms of any disease.

Like many psychologists, your brain chemistry has defined anxiety as the misalignment of hormones and electric signals in your brain.

Some of the environmental stressors which lead to anxiety are complicated relationships, toxic family environments, pressure at work, and many more.

Generally, it is observed that people who have family members with anxiety issues the next generation can also experience the same.

Consuming drugs can also be the cause of anxiety.

If you have serious issues about anxiety, then get it treated on an urgent basis. The treatment of anxiety includes many therapy and medication. If you experience anxiety for small durations, you can also treat it by sitting at your respective home. Several exercises which you can do to manage it are:

Stress Management

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Learning how to manage stress will help you in overcoming this problem.

Organize Any Upcoming Event

Compile lists or make a to-do list to avoid wastage of time.

Relaxing Techniques

Some techniques such as meditation, yoga, etc. should be practiced and will help you in the long run.


Anxiety is a natural emotion that is necessary for better performance; it is not a medical condition. Exaggerated reactions to any action are the causes of anxiety. Anxiety itself includes many disorders. Phobias, panic disorders, and social anxiety are included in it.

Get proper medication and treatment. An active lifestyle with a balanced diet can help you a lot. Have a healthy and happy life.

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