Anxiety Attack Causes - Know The Indepth Detail Of What Is Affecting You -

Anxiety Attack Causes – Know The Indepth Detail Of What Is Affecting You

anxiety attack causes

People suffering from anxiety face more intense and frequently worry about everyday situations. Anxiety attacks involve frequent fear of terror and a sudden feeling of intense anxiety. The feeling of anxiety stands in the way of daily activities, and over the period, it is difficult to control, and once out of proportion, can last a very long time. A person suffering from anxiety prefers to stand away from the crowds or places of a large gathering. Anxiety attack causes and symptoms usually start early during the childhood or teen years and continue as the person grows older.

Anxiety Attack Causes Basics

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We cannot establish some anxiety attack causes to a single cause as they incorporate numerous other factors. Past experiences and situations are responsible for either the creation or the worsening of the anxiety attack causes. In some cases, it is also related to an underlying health issue. Researchers have also found out that anxiety might be one of the primary indicators of any medical illness in numerous cases.

Anxiety Attack Causes

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Following are some of the leading anxiety attack causes that have seen in people: –

Trauma: – children who have undergone severe trauma or, in some cases, have seen distressing events are more prone to develop an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder by trauma is restricted to children, but some adults who have witnessed some disturbing events may also develop anxiety disorders.

Stress: – if a person is stressed due to a severe illness, any other medical condition, a big occasion, or any severe events such as a death in the family can all trigger anxiety and cause the person to have panic attacks.

Personality type: – some people with a particular personality are more vulnerable to anxiety, looking at other people. These people are more prone to anxiety than others are.

Health disorders: – people with numerous health disorders such as depression are more susceptible to anxiety than others.

Drugs, alcohol, and hereditary: – people who were addicted to drugs, smoking, and alcohol, and once they are suddenly withdrawn from them, are more prone to anxiety. It has also been found out that anxiety disorders also run in the family.

Anxiety Attack Symptoms

Chest pain


Fear and fatigue

Pain in the muscles and numbing feeling in the extremities

Faster heart rate and irritability

Shortness of breath as well as the loss of concentration

Being easily startled and a feeling of being choked.

Reducing The Attacks

Deeper and slower breaths should be taken as breathing during an anxiety attack tends to be more fast, erratic, and shallow.

Focus on the positive things in life.

Instead of running away or hiding from one’s fear, try to face it.

Seek professional and medical help.


When facing an anxiety attack try to breathe as slowly as possible and always remember the strategies that will help in controlling the feelings. When you are undergoing something as critical as an anxiety attack, your initial focus must be on yourself to make yourself feel better. Also, we recommend that you get the right medical help you need before things get out of hand.

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