Anxiety Disorder: Everything You Must Know About It

Anxiety Disorder: Everything You Must Know About It

Anxiety disorder is a very common term these days due to our hectic lifestyle. Anyone, when faced with difficult or overwhelming situations experiences anxious feelings, to varying degrees, of course, it’s a natural reaction that can often be helpful in dealing with the tasks on hand. While the regular anxiousness dies down once the overwhelming task or emotion is dealt with, anxiety disorders prevent you from dealing with even the smallest of day to day tasks.

Anxiety Disorder: Everything You Must Know About It
Anxiety Disorder: Everything You Must Know About It

Additionally for people with anxiety disorders, the day to day anxious feelings are heightened to an extent it cripples them from performing tasks, the feelings are episodic and sudden, and the intensity can induce fears and terrors at the peak moments. The anxious feelings seep into day to day activities, thus creating a sense of dread and worry about everyday situations.

Kinds Of Anxiety Disorders:

As a matter of fact, many who suffer from anxiety disorders are dealing with a mix of multiple conditions. While the causes and treatments are distinct to each, they are commonly referred to as anxiety disorders.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

It not only makes you worry about the everyday events and routines but also can take your actions to an irrational extent, the worry and fear are excessive and highly disproportionate to the situation or task on hand. Moreover, it cannot be controlled by your usual coping mechanisms for dealing with stress or anxiousness, general anxiety disorder is often a part of other anxiety disorders, depression, or PTSD.

Social Anxiety Disorder

To begin with, it makes you excessively worried in social situations, you would be extremely self-conscious about how people perceive you. Moreover, it often involves an overwhelming fear of judgment or embarrassment, you may feel incapable of even crippled at dealing with ordinary social situations.

Anxiety Disorder: Everything You Must Know About It
Anxiety Disorder: Everything You Must Know About It

Panic Disorder

In the first place, people with panic disorders experience recurrent episodes of panic attacks, panic attacks hit you with feelings of intense terror, helplessness, and fear. While the feelings are mental, physically you would experience a heart palpitation, feelings of numbness, difficulty in breathing, chest aches and an overall sense of dread.  Panic attacks can also induce fear about future attacks and situations or conditions that previously triggered the attacks.


Similarly, phobias tied to a specific object, situations or tasks are a form of anxiety disorders, the fear can be of any situation or thing, fear of water, fire, heights, closed spaces, etc. Moreover, people with specific phobias go to an irrational extent to avoid confronting such situations, it may even affect the functioning of their day to day lives.

Illness Induced Anxiety Disorder

Chronic and severe illnesses can leave a person severely disrupted and scared.

Separation Anxiety Disorder

Separation anxiety disorders are caused by separation from loved ones. It can be due to separation from partners, parents, close friends, or any similar personality who holds a significant space or role in your life.

Separation disorders are more common among children. As a matter of fact, when children are separated from their parents or parental figures, they can experience severe anxiety that can sometimes stunt the development of their personalities.

Specified And Unspecified Anxiety Disorders

It is not necessary that the anxiety a person feels must be rigidly tied to predefined criteria. Anxiety disorders emerge from intense feelings, and every person experiences these feelings in a different way to varying degrees.

Anxiety disorders, the dreadful and cripple inducing nature of the anxiety remain the same.

It is important to pay attention to the anxiety you experience. While the fleeting moments of fear and worry cause no harm, anxiety over extended periods of time requires immediate medical attention and help. It is important to reach out to a doctor or certified mental health provider at the earliest.

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