Anxiety Signs In A Child You Should Notice

Anxiety Signs In A Child

Many parents worry about the mental health of their children as mental health diseases are growing around the world. This may be right, however, a little bit of anxiety can help children perform better in schools. It is normal to feel anxiety when you are about to take an exam or play an important match. But, if the anxiety is disproportionate or they worry about something all the time, then this points out to a major issue known as an anxiety disorder. There are many anxiety signs in a child that impact children in different ways. Here are some anxiety signs in a child that you need to notice so that you can get help.

Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviours

Some Anxiety Signs In A Child
Some Anxiety Signs In A Child

These are some recurring behaviors that can be self-harming at times and are meant to decrease the anxiety of the child. These behaviors are related to sensory stimulation which can make the child hurt himself. The common type of behaviors seen in children are skin picking, hair pulling, skin biting, nail biting, etc. The child needs to be calmed and help should be sought in case this gets out of hand.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Top Anxiety Signs In A Child
Top Anxiety Signs In A Child

This disorder causes children to go through some unwanted worries and obsessions. Sometimes, children can try to relieve this anxiousness through a series of physical and mental behaviors commonly known as compulsions. Some common OCDs include fear of dirt or germs, fear of sickness and harm to their family, or aggressive thoughts. The children who experience these obsessions need to be taken to a doctor so that he can help them.

Panic Disorder 

A panic disorder can be seen as a sudden experience of fear in the form if a panic attack which is then followed by some weeks of fearing another attack of the same manner. Some of the common symptoms that children with this disorder experience are difficulty in breathing, sweating, racing heart, chest pain, and many more.

Social Anxiety Disorder

This disorder causes children to experience fear in social situations. This is because they worry that they will embarrass themselves in front of others and then they will judge them. The disorder that happens when this situation becomes extreme is Selective Mutism. But that only happens in a handful of cases so it is not a very common disorder.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 

The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is an anxiety disorder that happens when a child goes through a scary, traumatic event like an accident. Some of the common symptoms that children with this disorder showcase are upsetting memories, flashbacks, feeling very anxious or irritable, nightmares, and the reluctance to talk about that event.


There are anxiety signs in a child that you cannot avoid and which means that there is an underlying disorder. These are a few signs of disorder that you can take care of and remember so that you can take action. You have to take your child to a doctor so that he can seek help and become better so that his childhood is not affected. There are many doctors that provide therapy to children with these disorders and help them lead a healthy and normal life.

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