Anxiety Warning Signs – Here Are The Symptoms You Should Know About

anxiety warning signs

Everyone in their life experiences normal anxiety. However, there are a lot of people that suffer from anxiety disorders. They feel intense and persistent fear and worry about everyday situations that they go through. One of the most common anxiety warning signs is a panic attack. Panic attacks are intense fear or anxiety which reaches its peak within minutes. The worst part about panic attacks is that they interfere with daily activities. They are not only difficult to control but they can also last a very long time. One may avoid going to certain places and doing certain things to avoid them from occurring. 

Anxiety Warning Signs – Symptoms 

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Some of the common anxiety warning signs include feeling nervous, restless, or tense. People suddenly start to have a sense of sudden danger and the feeling is uncontrollable. The heart rate increases and people start breathing rapidly. They not only sweat and tremble, but they also feel weak and tired. People suffering from anxiety disorders often find it difficult to concentrate on anything other than their present state of worry. They find trouble sleeping peacefully. A lot of people who suffer from anxiety disorders have complained about having gastrointestinal problems. People find it very difficult to control their feelings and they have a constant urge to avoid the things that trigger their anxiety. 

Anxiety Warning Signs – Types

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There are a lot of types of anxiety disorders and they have different anxiety warning signs. Agoraphobia is one such condition where people tend to avoid certain places because they believe that those places trigger their anxiety and make them feel restless. Many people also suffer from anxiety disorders because of medical conditions. Their anxiety and panic are caused by physical health problems. A lot of people have complained about suffering from generalized anxiety disorders where they feel constant and excessive worry about even their daily activities. 

Anxiety Warning Signs – Causes 

In many cases, the anxiety warning signs do not have a specific cause. The causes of different types of anxiety disorders aren’t fully understood. Sometimes traumatic events are responsible for triggering anxiety disorders. Inherited traits can be a factor in anxiety disorders. There are certain medical problems that have been linked to anxiety disorders. They include heart disease, diabetes, thyroid issues, respiratory disorders, drug misuse, drug withdrawal, anti-anxiety medication withdrawal, chronic pain, rare tumors, etc. Anxiety disorders can develop at any age due to trauma, stress due to an illness, stress buildup, drugs or alcohol, etc. 


You might want to be aware of the anxiety issues you are facing and if you think you need help or If it does not get in your control anymore, you might want to consult an expert in the field. There are lots of anxiety warning signs and they differ from person to person. No one knows their exact causes, and they are very difficult to control. They can range from seconds to minutes. People often tend to avoid certain places that they believe triggers their anxiety to some extent. 

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