Can Marijuana Causes Anxiety -

Can Marijuana Causes Anxiety

marijuana causes anxiety

Some of the possible answers might come as welcome news to patients and caregivers. Here are some of the common ailments that are treated with medical marijuana and related substances in either liquid or capsule form.

Depression is one of the most common ailments treated with marijuana causes anxiety. The main constituent of the plant is believed to be a chemical called “THC”, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol. This chemical has a significant impact on the brain, but has not yet been proven as a cause for depression. It is believed that other factors such as lifestyle choices, diet, genetic predisposition, and other influences play a role.

An Increase In Heart Rate

Another potential explanation as to what marijuana causes anxiety disorder in some people could be an increase in heart rate. As previously mentioned, THC is a derivative of the cannabis plant and its effect on the brain is believed to trigger a rush of adrenaline through the nervous system. High heart rates accompany this sensation, which can eventually lead to panic attacks. Other physical symptoms that may occur during an attack include dizziness, lightheadedness, perspiration, hot flashes, chills, and/or a tingling sensation in the hands and feet.

The symptoms of panic attacks treated with medical marijuana are very real. When the heart rate is out of control, it can lead to shortness of breath, trembling, a pounding heart, sweating, and a number of other unpleasant symptoms. For those who suffer from chronic, debilitating heart conditions, marijuana treats their symptoms in a very real way. Patients can no longer feel the worry and stress that are contributing to their discomfort and can instead experience a renewed sense of well being.

A Widely Used Drug

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Although marijuana is a widely used drug, there are a growing number of voices speaking against its use as a recreational substance. These include professional organizations that advise against its use, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and law enforcement officials who have concluded that marijuana use does not lead to addiction or dependence. There are many different opinions on the subject. As a result, marijuana use continues to be closely monitored by the state government and courts both criminal and civil.

What exactly does marijuana do that causes these symptoms? One of the most common effects is the loss of joint pain. When the body becomes accustomed to the regular intake of the drug, more of the same chemical compounds are released through receptors located in the brain. In fact, there are currently being developed drugs that are being developed that will reverse some of these unwanted side effects of the drug.

Alzheimer’s Disease

In addition, these same compounds have been found to have various medical values for those who suffer from certain chronic illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s disease. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has determined that marijuana does have a real potential for causing problems with memory and learning as well as the onset of psychosis. 

Many people who have tried marijuana to feel that it is no more dangerous than the amount many people consume on a daily basis without negative side effects. For this reason, the use of these drugs as medicine has not been made illegal. On the other hand, the continued legal use of these drugs may actually be doing more harm than good to those who need them the most.


While marijuana has a long history as a source of medicine, it is often used as a recreational item. This means that it has a long history of not only being linked to a number of harmful side effects, but it also has a long history of not providing positive results when used in medical treatments. Those who use marijuana on a regular basis experience the same withdrawal symptoms that those who only use the drug on rare occasions experience. This makes marijuana use problematic for anyone who uses it for medicinal purposes. While marijuana does have legitimate medical uses, it should never be abused and should never be used in place of proper medication.

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