Different Types Of Anxiety Disorder List And Their Symptoms

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Firstly you need to understand that anxiety is a normal emotion that everyone feels at some point. Even when you were a kid, you felt anxiety before going to school or giving a test. However, when you are grown up, you feel anxiety you cannot overcome because your thoughts have become widened, and you start assuming a lot more things which cause you more anxiety. Therefore, getting anxiety for a few hours or at night when you miss someone is a common but severe anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder is not all about anxiety; you have different mental problems, which leads to never-ending fear and stress, which you cannot control. When you have an anxiety disorder, you stop facing it, avoid everything, whether it is school, office, or meeting people, and start isolating yourself. When you have an anxiety disorder, you cannot overcome fears, so you need various therapies and medicines to treat this mental illness. There are treatments and therapy for anxiety which differs according to the type of anxiety. Hence, are you facing anxiety every day for the last few days and not knowing how to overcome it? Then scroll down to our article where we have talked about different types of anxiety disorder list and their symptoms, which may help you.

Various Types Of Anxiety Disorder List

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There are different anxiety disorders, but it is mainly categorized into 5 or 7 types. The first type of anxiety disorder is a generalized anxiety disorder, in which you feel anxiety with no reason and cause. The second is a panic disorder in which you get5 panic attacks, making you feel suffocating and sweaty. You break down emotionally, which leads to chest pain or feel like having a heart attack. The third type is a social anxiety disorder, in which people start overthinking about people’s perspectives and start getting anxiety by thinking about how people judge them. Fourth is a specific phobia, in which you fear for a specific thing, and it comes to your mind every day, which makes you anxious.

Common Symptoms For Anxiety Disorder

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The typical symptom of anxiety disorder is stress and worry about something you fear. Due to fear, you can feel chest pain or not breathe, leading to high blood pressure. You cannot focus on something. You get distracted and cannot stay calm in one place. However, different types of anxiety disorder have different symptoms. You are not getting enough sleep due to overthinking and fear. You can sweat and shake hands when you feel anxious. You start breathing fast or have short breaths while you get a panic attack.

Causes Of Anxiety Disorder

There can be different causes of anxiety for every person, but most of them are common. Some people get anxiety through social environments and or any horrible event that happens in their past. Some can get anxiety due to excessive use of drugs and alcohol. People get anxiety due to traumas they went through in childhood or sexual abuse.


Anxiety disorder is not a common illness, and you need to consult a doctor or a psychologist if you feel anxiety and panic attacks frequently. Stay close with your friends and family and share whenever you feel anxious or fear.

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