Effects Of Stress: Positive And Negative

Effects Of Stress: Positive And Negative

Let’s find out how the ‘Effects of Stress’ can cause harm to a person’s health and how they can be beneficial at the same time. But prior to that, we need to understand what the term “stress” actually means.

Stress can be best defined as a feeling formed by emotional or physical tension. It can be triggered by any thought or event that frustrates you or makes you feel depressed, nervous or agitated. In other words, it’s a feeling ignited in a person when they are overloaded with emotion (or many) and trying to cope with the same.

Effects Of Stress: Positive And Negative
Effects Of Stress: Positive And Negative

As stress is a reaction of a person’s body to certain challenges or demands, it can even be positive at times (especially in short bursts). It’s the same feeling that lets a person complete a challenge or meet some deadline. However, this feeling becomes an absolute threat to a person’s (emotional or physical) health when it is long-lasting.

Let’s Know About The Kinds Of Stress

  1. Acute Stress: The short-term stress that comes and goes away in a brief time is known as acute stress. This kind of stress often turns out to be a positive one. It strikes you when you do something new or exciting. It can raise your heartbeats, make you sweat a little or give you shivers. Everyone is quite familiar with this feeling. Each one of us comes face to face with this ‘acute stress’ many a time in our life.
  2. Chronic Stress: This is the kind of stress that’s long-lasting as well as troublesome. It often strikes the people who are struggling with something; the people who have some kind of tension that makes them overthink; or the people who remain sad and dejected most of the time. The thing is that it often remains unrecognized by people. They become so used to it that they fail to realize it’s actually a problem. This kind of stress can last for days, months, years or maybe longer. It can cause a great deal of harm to a person’s emotions as well as physical health.
Effects Of Stress: Positive And Negative
Effects Of Stress: Positive And Negative

Some More Good And Bad Effects Of Stress And Related Tips

  • Stress can act as a motivator at times.
  • Though it has numerous ill-effects, it is also necessary for a person to survive.
  • According to national and international surveys, the main reasons behind chronic stress in people are unemployment and money issues.
  • Stress is the same feeling that makes a person act in danger or any other situation for that matter.
  • Short term or ‘acute’ stress can be helpful at times. However, the chronic one is usually menacing.
  • A person should never ignore chronic stress. They should immediately see the doctor or the counselor.
  • It (stress) naturally protects the human body in dangerous situations.
  • Stress comes from the body producing chemicals like adrenaline, cortisol, and noradrenaline in larger (than usual) quantities.
  • Stress (especially the chronic one) slows down the functions of the body such as the digestive system and the immunity.
  • The pulse rate of the person struck by stress starts to shoot. It also makes a person breathe faster.
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