Major Depression Anxiety Causes

depression anxiety causes

Experiencing occasional depression anxiety is a normal part of everyone’s life. However, certain people’s anxiety due to serious depression anxiety causes.

What Is Depression?


Depression is a mood disorder. It is a feeling of sadness, loss, or anger that disturbs an individual’s everyday activities. Moreover, depression is also a serious medical condition that can get worse if not given proper treatment.

Depression Anxiety Symptoms

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The symptoms of depression and anxiety are different among men, women, and children.

Depression anxiety symptoms in men

Firstly, they may experience negative behaviors.

Sometimes they may also feel emotional Emptiness.

Thirdly, they may experience behavior such as loss of interest, feeling tired, excessive drinking, using drugs, and so on.

Depression anxiety symptoms in women

A woman may feel changes in appetite, weight changes, and headaches.

Next, sometimes the thinking in talking capacity of a woman also gets slowed down due to depression or anxiety.

They may also suffer a feeling of hopelessness, sadness, or Emptiness inside them.

Depression anxiety symptoms in children

Just like everyone, there is regular mood change during depression and anxiety.

Moreover, they also feel a loss of energy, changes in appetite, and digestive problems.

Depression also affects the studies and regular activities of your little one.

Most Common Depression Anxiety Causes

There are several possible depression anxiety causes. However, they vary from biological to situational depression anxiety causes.

Family history:

You are at a higher risk to develop depression if your family has some history of depression. Even any other disorder related to moods can result in depression.

Early childhood trauma:

Any trauma which you suffer in childhood can also result in depression.

Brain structure:

If your brain’s frontal lobe is less active, you can develop depression.

Drug use:

If you misuse or drink or drugs, then you can develop depression in future conditions.

Medical conditions:

Certain medical circumstances can put you at higher risk. It includes chronic illness. Chronic pain or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can result in permanent anxiety and depression.

Around 21% of the people who have any issues related to substance use also experienced depression. In addition to the above-mentioned depression, anxiety causes that have some other risk factors such as:

Being self-critical for low self-esteem

Serious medical conditions

Certain medications

Stressful events or stress in a job

Personal history of any mental illness.

Often the depression anxiety causes have a direct link with the other elements of your health. Moreover, in certain situations, doctors are unable to determine the exact cause of depression.


Try to identify the depression anxiety causes at an early stage. Depression and anxiety causes are highly variable and subjective matter. So, whenever you find out any serious change in your routine or regular changes in your mood. In that case, contact your health-care service provider as soon as possible. Sometimes a small change can prove to be very detrimental in the upcoming future. Therefore, one should never ignore the depression anxiety causes.

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