Stress Ball Squeezable Relief Ball Toy

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Relieve some of your pent up stress and be at ease with the help of this stress ball
Has spongy beads in it that gives it an interesting texture and massages hands
Durable and portable so you can squeeze it without worries and you can take it anywhere as well
Dimension: about 2.4 inches or 6 cm
Material: Silicone
Package Content:
1 x Stress Ball Squeezable Relief Ball Toy

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Stress Ball Squeezable Relief Ball Toy

Not everyone can let out pent up stress and this causes many to overload and eventually breakdown. This scenario is found a lot in offices for working adults and in universities with stressed-out students. More so, each and every one of us has their own way of coping up with pressure and stress. But for some, their coping mechanism might not be sustainable or no longer effective with the amount of stress they are getting. Since as you grow older, you will only get busier, finding a fast and effective way to relieve tension mentally and emotionally is through playing with this stress ball. While working, you can play around this ball with your hand and squeeze it. Imagine being mad at your boss but can’t show it. Relieve your anger by squeezing the life out of this ball and feel better before going back to work.

Spongy Beads Inside

Imagine yourself at work and your boss is stressing you out and your deadlines are piling up. You won’t exactly have the time to destress all that panic and pressure. However, what you can do is slowly releasing all that pent up frustration and through hand movements. Squeeze this ball all you want and you will find yourself eventually feeling better. Moreover, the inside of this ball has these spongy beads that add that soothing feeling against the hand. Its texture massages the hands which have a bundle of nerves in it and thus somewhat relaxing the entire body.

Durable and Portable

You can squeeze this stress ball all you want without worries about breaking it. It won’t because this one is durable and it takes into consideration that people can strongly squeeze it. More importantly. you can take it with you anywhere or hold on to it always. Especially for people who are fast to get uneasy, anxious, and restless.


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