Seek Medical Help If You Notice These Signs Of Extreme Anxiety

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Anxiety is deadly. Yes, you heard it right, severe anxiety can kill people or make their life miserable. The majority of people these days are suffering from anxiety, some because of their work, studies, relationships, financial issues, and so on. Well, problems will arrive and make you worry about them but you have to stay healthy at all costs. 

A little bit of anxiety is still manageable but as mentioned before severe anxiety is the toughest to deal with. Medical help can minimize it but you must recognize the signs of extreme anxiety first. Look at these signs below, if you suffer from any of these you need immediate help.

Stressing Over Something Too Hard

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If you often find yourself stressing over every minor thing then it is the sign you are suffering from extreme anxiety. People under the age of 65 are most anxiety-prone. Stressing over every little detail can ruin your mood and you will often find yourself zoning out while doing something important. 

If you fall under this category and have noticed the signs of extreme anxiety then hurry up and consult a professional.

Always On The Go

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If you always feel like you are on the go then it is called restlessness. This means you are always moving and can’t concentrate on something important. Restlessness also means you can’t stick to one place and find yourself moving rapidly then it is one of the signs of extreme anxiety.

If you notice restlessness in your behavior and it starts to interrupt your daily life then visit a doctor ASAP.

Always Overthinking

One of the most underrated signs of extreme anxiety is overthinking. Calling it underrated because people think overthinking is funny will vanish if you keep yourself. But it is not a joke it can harm your mood and daily life. So, if you are a massive overthinker then ask for help as it is a sign of severe anxiety.

Insomnia Or Sleeplessness

Sleeplessness is very harmful. Sleeplessness or better call it insomnia can mess with your daily routine on a different level. If you are suffering from sleeplessness that means you’ll find it difficult to fall asleep even if you are very tired. No matter how hard you try you never can.

It can affect your memory and is not at all healthy. If you feel you are suffering from insomnia then consulting someone is needed immediately. 

Some Bodily Signs Pointing Towards Being Anxious

If you are anxious, signs of extreme anxiety will show on your body as well. Some of them are repeated urination, body aches, headache, nausea, breathing issues, extreme sweating, and so on. Get medical help if these problems are interrupting your daily life.


These are the most vivid signs of extreme anxiety, do not hesitate to get yourself checked by a professional if you suffer from them.

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