Severe Anxiety Treatment - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the Best Way -

Severe Anxiety Treatment – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the Best Way

severe anxiety treatment

A patient suffering from severe anxiety disorder may experience sudden, intense anxiety attacks in the shape of sweating, dizziness, pounding heart, and hot flushes. Thankfully, now there are numerous options for severe anxiety treatment to assist the patients recover effectively from these conditions. In addition, these days there are numerous drugs and herbs that can help relieve anxiety disorders. Nonetheless, these remedies will only be effective if the patients adhere to them consistently and religiously.

An Overview

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A recent development in the area of severe anxiety treatment is the use of brainwave entrainment. This technique allows the patient’s brain to function at a highly complex level. The brainwaves are suppressed or dampened in some cases, so that they can experience an altered state of consciousness. By subjecting the brain to certain patterns of frequencies, it becomes possible for the patient to change his or her perception of reality. This allows the patients to have a more active experience, as compared to the patients who experience chronic anxiety disorder.

Another option for severe anxiety treatment involves continuing inpatient mental health treatment. The patient will be able to participate in group therapy sessions conducted by trained mental health professionals. This kind of therapy also helps the patient to cut back or reduce the frequency of suicidal thoughts and actions. While group therapy is a great initial step towards managing severe anxiety disorder, it is very important to continue individual therapy sessions as well.

Greater Option

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Another option available for severe anxiety treatment includes the use of medications. Common types of medications prescribed for this purpose include antidepressants and benzodiazepines. Although benzodiazepines can initially cause sedation, these drugs can help the patient to overcome persistent panic attacks and anxiety disorders. For patients who are undergoing cognitive behavioral therapy, this medication is usually discontinued once the desired results have been achieved.

Some people suffering from this condition also use natural remedies to fight severe anxiety treatment. A common method among them is Yoga. This holistic form of exercise not only helps relax the body and mind, but also trains the person to cope with anxiety. It trains the mind to think of positive thoughts instead of negative ones, which in turn lowers the risk of developing panic attacks. Breathing exercises and meditation can also help in dealing with anxiety disorders.

Recommended Behavioral Therapy

Most doctors also recommend cognitive behavioral therapy as an anxiety disorder treatment for patients suffering from phobias, depression, social phobia, post-traumatic stress disorders, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorders and specific phobias. CBT is a form of psychological counseling and requires the patient to be open about his or her problem to get the desired results. The sessions also involve deep discussion about past events and solutions to the present issues. Talking to a counselor can help the patient deal with anxiety and even identify specific triggers that lead to the emergence of the anxiety. If these triggers are successfully removed, anxiety disorders can be eliminated completely.

Natural remedies like yoga and relaxation techniques are also being used by some patients to treat severe cases of generalized anxiety disorder. Yoga involves physical exercises like asanas that help in improving flexibility and strengthening the body. These exercises help in reducing muscle tension, which in turn calms the mind. Similarly, relaxation techniques like meditation focus on breathing deeply and relaxing the body, which also helps in addressing emotional issues.


Natural remedies like herbal cures and homeopathic medications are also used in treating anxiety disorders. Clinical studies have revealed that a combination of homeopathy and cognitive behavioral therapy is the best anxiety disorder treatment method. This holistic approach uses traditional medicines along with therapy to treat mental health problems. It has been found that most patients respond positively when treated using natural methods instead of conventional medications. Homeopathic medicines like Verta Alb and Pulsatilla can address common problems like anxiety and panic attacks. However, more research is needed to validate these claims.

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