Signs Of Anxiety In Toddler – How You Can Help Your Kid Get Through

signs of anxiety in toddler

Many parents do not understand that a kid can also have a mental issue such as anxiety, which is a very sad thing. Issues related to mental health are still very much stigmatized, even though many people face it. There are many parents and even mental health professionals, not understanding signs of anxiety in a toddler. Either they perceive it differently, or they neglect it completely. There are some signs of anxiety in a toddler that are very noticeable, for example, excessive fears, phobias, or sensitive temperament. Some early signs of anxiety are behavioral and sensory processing issues. Some children have sensory processing issues, which also cause anxiety. The earlier this issue is recognized, the better we can handle the situation. Listed below are some signs of anxiety in a toddler.

Signs Of Anxiety In Toddler – Sleep issues

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One of the major signs of anxiety in a toddler is sleep issues. It is very hard for them to sleep on time, especially when they have to sleep independently. They want their parents to be around them, lie down with them, or sleep with them. It is normal if a kid does this sometimes, but if this is an everyday issue, then you should be concerned. It can become hard for them to get normal and quality sleep almost every day.

They never want to be anywhere without you.

It is normal for your kid to want to be around you most of the time because they love you. But it can be very concerning if they do not want to leave your side ever. Because usually, an anxious kid becomes a parent’s shadow. They try to follow their parents around the house all the time, and if you are not around them, they will have a complete meltdown. This kind of panicky behavior is one of the signs of anxiety in a toddler.

Signs Of Anxiety In Toddler – Picky eater

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It is a common thing in kids that they are very picky when it comes to food. But if your kid is anxious, they will take this battle on another level. They do not want to try new food at all, and they are very rigid about it. They might not like sharing too. They become very particular about every small detail of their food, such as texture. It is also one of the most concerning signs of anxiety in a toddler.


An anxious kid does not need to face all of these problems. There can be some of these signs of anxiety in a toddler that is equally concerning. If your kid has any of these signs or all of them for more than two weeks, then you should seek some help from a professional mental health expert. Handling anxiety issues in toddlers can be a really hectic task but what is more harmful is ignoring the signs. We have a common misconception that toddlers are really happy and they do not have any anxiety symptoms or any problems with mental health but that’s completely wrong. You should always be careful about their actions and development until there is stability.

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