Small But Important Things To Know About Signs Of Anxiety Attack

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You’re walking down the street one day, minding your own business when suddenly it hits you: a wave of anxious thoughts that cause you to tense up. You feel sweaty, lightheaded, and dizzy. These ‘panic attacks are probably the worst part of a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and can strike without warning anytime – at work while running errands on the weekend or even while sitting in your car at a traffic light. And even worse is figuring out if what you’re experiencing is a panic attack as opposed to a heart attack or stroke. Here are some signs of an anxiety attack. If you or someone you know experiences these symptoms frequently, then it’s time to be wary!

Feeling Anxious All Of The Time

A man talking on a cell phone

If you are feeling anxious all of the time, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States. Anxiety disorders are characterized by feelings of fear and worry and sometimes panic. Feelings of anxiety are not the same as having a bad day.

How Does It Overpower Your Inner Self?

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Sometimes anxiety competes with or replaces real, direct problems. The city you live in, for example, could be experiencing an increase in crime or experiencing a worldwide pandemic that has people feeling increasingly anxious. On the other hand, perhaps you are dealing with a difficult family member, a demanding job, or other significant issues in your life that are making you anxious. It’s essential that you participate in activities, schedule changes, or try new things to combat anxiety — even if they are small steps.

Common Side Effect

Chronic sleep problems are another common side effect of an anxiety attack. It can even occur in people with no history of sleep problems. Studies show that lack of sleep can worsen anxiety. Therefore, it is essential to get adequate sleep while you are being treated for an anxiety attack.

Feeling Like You Are Going To Lose Control

How do you stay on top of your temper? If you feel like you are losing control, it is essential to take a break to calm down. If you’re at work, you can excuse yourself to the restroom or outside for some fresh air and solitude. If you’re at home, it could be helpful to journal to help you calm down or seek some time out of your office to process your thoughts. During social situations, you may want to breathe deeply and close your eyes. While some people may find such tactics impossible, you might find those techniques hold some significance for you.

How Do You Feel Like?

During a social situation, you might feel a bit uncomfortable voicing your concerns, or you’ll want to avoid saying anything that could be interpreted as negating the ideas or feelings expressed by the other person.

Final Words

It’s important to remember that people are often interested in different topics and are likely to have a range of reactions to the same issue. What works well for one person doesn’t necessarily work well for another. Some of us are influenced by what we see or hear from others, while others are much more objective. As such, everyone has different triggers that they may adhere to while under time pressure. While embracing what works for you — and respecting those who might not understand or be comfortable with your decisions — is essential.

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