Social Anxiety: Find More About It

social anxiety

Man is said to be a social animal. And as a part of society, he feels nervous, awkward, and anxious many times in many places. So it has become quite normal in our life to feel social anxiety in any situation. Well, let’s explore more about social anxiety in this blog. 

So to begin with, we all are familiar with the nervousness, awkwardness, and anxieties in any situation that are not in favor of us. Well, these uncomfortable feelings happen to all more or less. There is nothing to be anxious about. If you feel any social anxiety, you can visit a doctor or you can simply monitor and control your behavior and lead a good life.

However, we all feel uncomfortable in a social situation like before meeting someone or before doing a presentation in the office, etc. Well to put it simply, we all face it in our lives at some point. You can not always avoid public speaking or other works. Social anxiety disorder is common in youth mainly. You can work it on or see a doctor as well.

When You Feel Social Anxiety

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So to begin with, everyone feels social anxiety in different ways. But we would like to discuss with you some common situations when people feel social anxieties. 

Firstly, speaking in public, dating, attending parties can be of social anxiety for some. 

Secondly, some may get social anxieties while talking to a stranger, eating in a public place, going to the office or school, visiting the house of others, etc. In fact, making eye contact can be of anxiety for some people.

The Reason Behind It

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The reasons for feeling social anxiety are not the same for all. However, we will share with you some common reasons for getting social anxieties.

Firstly, when you are in a public gathering, the fear that you can be judged is the main reason behind this anxiety. Further, You may feel embarrassed or humiliated in any social situation. So that can be of another reason.

Secondly, when you are the center of everyone’s attention, you may feel social anxiety. Additionally, a social anxiety disorder may cause by a history of being abused, bullied, teased as well. In fact, shy kids can grow up as an adult who has social anxieties. 

Thirdly, the genetic facts can be the reason for having social anxiety as well. Even children who have controlling parents can suffer from social anxiety phobia when they grow up.

The Effects Of The Social Anxiety

Sometimes it may happen so that social anxiety can prevent you from living your normal life. You try to avoid social gathering or situation but it always does not go well as other may not get you. Besides, your personal relationships can be hampered. Even, you may suffer from self-doubt, depression. Negative thoughts may occur to you as well.


So, social anxiety can really cause you problems in many ways. If you are suffering from it, book your appointment today with a doctor and lead a good life.

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