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Teenage Anxiety Signs To Look Out For

Teenage Anxiety Signs

Anxiety is a phase most children go through. They experience when they feel fear, anger, shyness, and nervousness. All of these are temporary and will pass-by normally. However, it is different when it develops into a disorder. 

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 80% of children and teenagers are diagnosable with anxiety disorder today. These numbers only reflect the growing statistics every year. The scary part is most of them are not getting any treatment. It is the reason why families must be equipped with knowledge about teenage anxiety signs. 

Teenage Anxiety Signs

Early detection is a must to avoid more damaging effects of the disorder. Read here the signs you need to look out and let your children out of the dark. 

1. Feelings of Worry And Stress

Before anxiety attack kicks in, one will first experience a constant rollercoaster of feelings. They will feel down with lots of thinking about some things. These are also the triggers as they call. 

Young people commonly face with these due to several reasons nowadays. Expectations and achievements are the most common ones. They have so much on their shoulders that they are afraid to commit mistakes. Having a low grade is a great example. 

Communication would be the answer to worry and stress. Ask how your child is doing. Are there any problems lately? It can help them lessen the burden. 

2. Fatigue and Sleep problems

Is your child always feeling down? Is he always sleeping? Or not at all? That could be another teenage anxiety signs. Check them out and study how they act. See if there are few changes in their health. Supposedly, fatigue and sleeping disorders are part of anxiety attacks. It weakens one’s body, so it is dangerous not to notice ahead of time. 

Teenage Anxiety Signs To Look Into
Teenage Anxiety Signs To Look Into

3. Difficulty concentrating and irritability

Teenagers feeling irritability and experiencing concentration loss might have anxiety and depression disorder. It could be mild or severe, but it needs to be checked carefully early on. 

If parents or adults do not understand the symptoms, it will lead to arguing, and the child will feel worst. Other problems will occur from it, such as cognitive problem impairment. 

4. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

In every 200 children in America, one of them is diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. They are often seen repeating actions to ease the thoughts. It can be from cleanliness to checking door locks. OCD is mostly part of anxiety disorder. Because of the thought disturbing urges, it creates stress in the person. It is a small but critical phase of psychological problems. 

OCD can be easily detected. What do they usually worry about? Just observe your child for repeated actions. Most OCD patients are susceptible to higher body harming thoughts. You need to act if you noticed it.

Identify The Teenage Anxiety Signs
Identify The Teenage Anxiety Signs

5. Phobia: Teenage Anxiety Signs

For most people, doing anything is fine. You might have even eaten strange food or dared to do something terrifying. Phobias are not out of questions for you. It is not the same as people experiencing an anxiety attack. Accordingly, this is one of the teenage anxiety signs to find. 

Social phobia is the most severe matter with children. If you think that your child is beginning to avoid his friends or family members, it might be a start of anxiety disorder. Check it out and make sure to get help. 

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