The Anxiety Therapy Types To Know About

anxiety therapy types

Anxiety is a mental health illness that has many reasons and cures. Although some people require medicine to get better for some people therapy can do the magic. The best part of therapy is that you can learn to manage your anxiety in the present and the future. It helps you to take care of your anxiety and tell someone about how you feel. There are many techniques that are employed to treat patients that have anxiety and we must learn about these.

If you have anxiety and you need help, there are various therapy types that you can try so that life becomes easier. Some people are also suggested to take therapy along with medication so that they can improve their anxiety and learn to manage it. There are many anxiety therapy types that you have to know about. These anxiety therapy types help a person tremendously when they are struggling. There is no one therapy type that can suit everyone so there are specialized therapies for everyone who needs help.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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This is the most common type of therapy that is used to manage anxiety and make it better. It is found that this therapy is helpful in many types of anxiety and that it improves the situation. CBT emphasis that your feelings determine how you feel and behave and not your situation at present.

So, CBT identifies your negative behaviour and helps to replace them with better thoughts and actions. Your therapist acts like a trainer who helps you discover strategies that work for you. It helps you change your perception of things and take things as they are rather than how you think they are.

Exposure Therapy

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This is also a very important and widely used therapy used when it comes to anxiety. It is specifically designed to help people with phobias, PTSD, and SAD. This therapy states that if something scares you then the best way to conquer is to take it head on.

You have to expose yourself to the fearful things so that you can overcome them. During the session, your therapist will expose you to situations that you are scared of so that you can relax, list out the triggers, and then work your way through these situations.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

This also a very effective type of therapy when it comes to anxiety and its types. DBT helps you by developing a dialectical or opposite outlook, acceptance and then change. When you go through this therapy, you will learn to live with your anxiety and manage it at the same time. It is the notion that you need to love yourself in the way that you are but you have to keep changing yourself and getting better.


Therapy takes you a long way when it comes to solving your issues and tackling your anxiety. It is important that you go to a therapist that suits your needs and helps you in the best way. These are the major anxiety therapy types and if you have anxiety the doctor may use any one of these. All these therapy types will make you feel a lot better and will help you accept your anxiety.

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