The Bottle Spray That Can Give You a Comfortable Grip and the Best of Quality for No Leak Experience

It is good hair that everyone desires. In a salon sprinkler bottle, water is sprayed on the hair uniformly. The strong and steady spraying of the continuous spray bottle makes it perfect for hairstyling. It mixes hair properly without soaking any part and can be handled at any ergonomic position. 

Vintage Inspired Refillable Bottle Water Spray For Salon

The vintage-inspired refillable bottle water of hair spray delivers an aerosol-like spray without requiring pressure vessels or dangerous propellant gas. This is an excellent choice for consumers who wish to change into a sustainable and healthier solution than aerosol flasks. The continuous spray bottle may be used to spray 360 degrees in locations that are hard to reach. You may also use it on both sides. A dung spray bottle offers 98% water disposal so that the last drop of fluid can even be used. 

Purchase your Vintage Inspired Refillable Bottle Water Spray For Salon today.


  • Size: 300ml/500ml
  • Model Number: Spray Bottle
  • Item Type: Sprayer Empty Bottle
  • Material: PET
  • Color: Brown
  • Capacity: 300ml
  • Weight: Approx. 76g / 2.7oz
  • Feature 1: Mist Bottle Hair Tool
  • Feature 2: Refillable spray bottle
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  • Based on a strong pre-compression technique, the flairosol spray bottle for the salon distributes a 3 plus second flow of continuous dust. The spray is 1.25 cc for every second with a set output and delivers constantly from the start to the very last spray.
  • Standard alert flasks require several squeezes to initiate spraying, while a bottle of 360 stronghold hairspray unleashes a long-lasting bang with only a little push. The grip and ergonomic form prevent hand fatigue. The handling is simple to hold.
  • Since it may be used again, the water bottle spray is environmentally beneficial.
  • The handle and grip of such a spray bottle are simple to hold.
  • It creates a nice nebula.
  • It is long-lasting and long-lived.


  • This plastic tube, which is linked to the sprayer, can touch the floor of the container, but frequently coils up and the end comes out of the fluid in the container at low levels. It is hard to use because it is impossible to flow water consistently once the straw is coiled.
  • For continued usage, it is difficult to wash the spray bottle. However, to preserve hygiene, it is important to clean the bottle.
  • Decent bottles of great quality are excessively costly.
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