Work Stress: 5 Ways You Can Beat Work Stress

Work Stress: 5 Ways You Can Beat Work Stress

Work stress is no laughing matter and it is no fun to go through.  It can even be life-threatening.  In 2001 I had an extreme case of stress from work and had a hypertensive crisis. 

My doctor insisted that I take a week off from work and start medication for high blood pressure.  I am healthy now and I retired from my stressful job about two years ago. Remember though that stress is a serious business and it can kill you.

Work Stress: 5 Ways You Can Beat Work Stress
Work Stress: 5 Ways You Can Beat Work Stress

Stress increasing greatly at the beginning of the week is common.  My work field was medical underwriting for life insurance.  Occasionally we were able to hear presentations from doctors and nurses on medical issues. 

Dealing With Work Stress

One statistic I heard was that there are more heart attacks on Mondays and Saturdays than any other day of the week.  The reason is likely that by Monday you have been away from your work for a couple of days and people start demanding to know what has happened at the beginning of the week. 

On Saturday your home duties have been neglected because of work and just when you wanted to take it easy you have to deal with these.

How can you deal with your stress?  This is something I have thought a lot about in the past decade or so and I have a few suggestions:

Question Yourself

In my case I was very good at my job, I had a number of advanced degrees in my field, yet my stress had been accumulating for years and we also faced a temporary increase in stress toward the end of 2001.  Temporary problems do tend to pass but if you feel you aren’t right for the job it is time to move on.

Take Enough Vacations

Vacations are vitally necessary for a healthy life and they help to keep from allowing stress to keep accumulating.

Work Stress: 5 Ways You Can Beat Work Stress
Work Stress: 5 Ways You Can Beat Work Stress

When facing a large amount of stress at work it is easy to rationalize not getting an annual checkup but you need to take the time to get checked.  The old saying is that death is not good for business.  It’s not good for you either.

Get Enough Sleep

With a lot of stress building up to it sometimes is difficult to get to sleep.  Try to do things in the evening to help you to unwind such as taking a warm bath, listening to soothing music, or listening to your favorite sitcom on TV. 

Also when you are having a lot of stress it is usually not good to listen to a lot of TV news because it can increase your stress from another direction.  Also, avoid family arguments in the evening if possible.

Don’t keep this to yourself.  Be open and honest about your stress and discuss ways to help lower your stress. 

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